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We came to the restaurant to order take away Had to wait while girl was taking phone order and being trained Told order for 5 people would be 30 to 35 mins When we returned after this time there was no sign of food being ready we were offered free beer and seat outside while the nigiri was produced which is a cold dish and very quick to make We drank beer for about 20 mins and then asked again about food which arrived five mins or so later Raw food very tasty Cooked food seemed to have been made a a long time ago We came because you put a leaflet through our door Don t do that if you can t cope We liked the flavour of the food but wouldn t come back now because of the uncertainty of how long it would take and the hot food being over cooked Also the food was not well packed The miso soups were upside down and leaked For 70 this was not a good experience

Jo Osborne-2022-08-03 21:15:36

Brilliant food The duck with cashew nuts was tender and not fatty or gristly like other Chinese restaurants Massive portions piping hot for a really good price Will definitely order from you again for sure

Duncan Martin-2022-03-12 22:54:45

Very tasty and nice hot on delivery we re 4 miles away Our regular go to Chinese when ordering online

John G-2021-10-09 09:52:00

There were no prawn crackers or coke delivered although the order was over 70 pounds Don t advertise something if your not going to supply it There were two big bones in the crispy duck so there was more bone than duck which is disgraceful for the price of it The chicken curry was awful it was too gloopy too much cornflour had no taste whatsoever Really disappointing food

Tracy-2021-10-07 06:54:16

I wrote my order online and don t think it was read as I got what I didn t want

D mcdonnell-2021-03-18 19:09:09

Always brilliant food from Yue and would highly recommend either eating in or ordering online Either is a great experience Thank you Yue for being there for us

Caz H-2020-07-16 20:24:42

I ve always found most Chinese restaurants though in much the same I don t mind that I like Chinese food However only discovered this restaurant a few weeks ago and their chicken is always so much nicer moist and tastier than the others

Steven Webb-2020-02-26 16:23:49

Dish was tasty not too bad


Would definitely order again




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